Sustainability is a way of life for us. It is something that we incorporate into our farming, winemaking, packaging, and everything we do.


Ridgecrest Vineyards is dry-farmed sustainably according to LIVE (Low Input Viticulture & Enology) standards. What does that mean? It means we use minimal intervention and nothing that will harm the vines, soil or runoff from our vineyards. The vines are tended to and picked by hand with the hope that we can pass it down to the 3rd generation - if he chooses.

RR + Ridgecrest Pick Shots_004
Harvest 2019 - Photo by Easton Richmond

In Our Packaging

Every decision we make when bottling, packaging and shipping our wine takes into account sustainability and our carbon footprint. Our recyclable glass bottles are produced domestically and 35% lighter than the average wine bottle. We use recyclable aluminum Stelvin screwcap closures that prevent TCA, eliminate premature oxidation and prolong ageability. Our labels are printed locally on tree-free cotton paper. And we never use styrofoam, tape or any other product that is not recylclable in our packaging.

In Our Lives

Nobody is perfect, and neither are we. But we do make an effort to respect Mother Nature when we are at home or on the road just like we do in the vineyard, cellar and packaging.

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